Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slave to the Grind

During a conversation once, my buddy Rachel from Skid Row says "I've always wanted to be in a cartoon.". That got me thinking... I gave myself a challenge of animating a short commercial for one of their upcoming shows. First, it's not easy to get his time to do the VO, but I needed to create the characters in a way that I can quickly animate them in Flash without making it look too rushed. Above is the character of Rachel I'm using. It's built in similar way as to how we did Prankster Planet over at Primal Screen. Now, I just have to finish it up because the show is in 3 weeks...

Aside from that,I'm able to review the character animation on my ipod touch. It's looking great! I've also got a few other big things in the works (yes still), that I'm waiting to hear back about. Hey, this stuff doesn't happen over night!

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