Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lots to do...

The past two weeks have had me back over at Primal Screen working on a commercial with some classic characters. It's great to not only spend some time back in the office, but to work with some old favorite characters.

The iPad board game has been making some great progress, but I'm just not happy with the way the game pieces turned out. I'll be putting together some test revisions and see if we can still get this thing out by the end of summer.

The art in the previous posts (and above) are for what I'm calling "Game 2" (so that I don't spoil the title yet), has slowed down, but is still moving forward. Basically I've been taking my Cintiq to Primal during the week which only leaves me the weekends to do my stuff at home. I've brought in my friend and amazing artist Bryan Wilson to help get the story screens completed. He sent me the first set of roughs and I'm very excited. That leaves me with a few minor changes to some screens and then the finished in-game character art.

Also on the "To Do" list is an update to Break Glass:Zombies, and a reskin for Break the Bank. I like to keep myself busy which is much more fun that sitting in front of the TV.

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